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Think Loudly was a series of bumpers that aired on Noggin from 1999 to 2002. Most of them are short interviews with kids speaking out about what they think is important in the world.


Unlike most of Noggin's bumpers, the segments are in a widescreen format to give them the look of real interviews. Most of the bumpers feature short blurbs from an array of kids, while a few are focused on just one kid's thoughts.

There were two different intro sequences for this series. The first one was used from 1999 to 2000. In it, an animated girl floats around a city wearing a rainbow beanie hat. She thinks of different objects with big mouths added onto them, and a Noggin logo with a beanie hat appears.

The second intro was used from 2001 to 2002. It starts with a sound effect of someone clearing their throat, about to speak up about something. A Noggin logo appears with arrows popping out of it, and the words "Think Loudly" pop up.


  • Bruce Lee - A teen talks about how she practices karate and demonstrates some kicks and punches. She explains how she's inspired by the famous martial artist Bruce Lee.
  • Future of Sports - A group makes predictions about what sports will be like in the future. Some of them think machines will become an important part of sports, while others think that there will be no more gendered sports teams in the future.
  • Money - Kids and teens talk about money and greed. The older kids think that it's wrong that most of society revolves around people's greediness in some way, while the younger kids want to be rich when they are older.
  • Peace - A group talks about what they think world peace would look like. They describe how everyone would get along and not care about your race, appearance, or personal abilities.
  • Weather Machine - A girl describes her ideas for a weather machine, which could create certain kinds of weather and deliver rain and snow to places that need them most.
  • Inventions - Kids talk about the kinds of inventions they would like to create in the future.

This is an unfinished list and will be updated when more episodes are available.



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