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The URL with Phred Show is an original series created by Noggin. It is a variety show centered around user-submitted content from It is a spin-off of the earlier Phred on Your Head Show.


The show's official summary from Noggin's programming site:

"URL with Phred is where kids' contributions take center stage and Noggin TV and converge. Phred, Noggin’s first, original animated character, has been saving all of the creations, questions, jokes and letters kids have been sending to his home in the dot of, so he can present them live on Noggin TV! Every day for one hour, URL with Phred wraps around two full episodes of programming to showcase patches, birthdays, riddles, radio beats, high scores, poll results, e-mails and more." (source)


The show was first announced by Noggin on June 11, 2001, and it was scheduled to premiere in summer 2001. It first appeared on Noggin's schedule on July 28, 2001. The show aired regularly throughout August and September. According to a Noggin press release, the show's official premiere was on September 10, and all previous airings were sneak peeks. URL with Phred was shown regularly on Noggin until April 1st, 2002, when the show moved to an early-morning timeslot and began airing as part of the Cable in the Classroom block, which lasted until January 2004.


The show is set in a fictional version of, which is shown as a blue web interface with many rooms in it. Each room is hexagon-shaped and has a different segment hosted inside it. Phred hosts from his room in the dot of The show's focus is on viewer-submitted content through the actual Noggin website, making it an interactive show.


Many of the show's characters originated in online games from


  • Featured content - Like the original series, URL with Phred featured select episodes from shows such as Doug and Cro.
  • Phred's Email - This segment is usually featured at the start of the episodes. In it, Big Voice gives Phred an email from a user. Phred reads the email aloud and responds to it. Video messages and artwork were sometimes shown.
  • Dress Phred - Phred wears outfits designed by users. This segment is very brief and is often featured more than once in each episode.
  • Noggimation Station - Noggimation Boy shows a short digital animation from a user. As a running gag, Noggimation Boy sometimes tries to start the segment by chanting each letter of "Noggimation," but Phred interrupts him.
  • Birthday Time - This segment features a list of users whose birthday was on a certain date. It is presented by Birthday Boy, with off-screen singing from Phred.
  • Skengle Poll - The Skengles announce the results of their online polls. In these segments, the Skengles often accidentally mention their plans to take over the Earth, which makes Phred question them.
  • Question the Whats - The Whats appear in a presentation of riddles.
  • High Scores - Big Voice announces the highest-scoring users for different online games on When an unregistered user has a high score, their name is listed as "Nogginer."
  • Goodbyes - This is the closing act of the show. It features the main characters gathering in Phred's room to say goodbye. One character (often Birthday Boy) is always late and holds up the end of the show.


See this page for a full transcript of one of the show's episodes.


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