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The Phred on Your Head Nickelodeon Preview was a commercial that aired on Noggin in 1999. It featured Phred and Big Voice. It was possibly shown on the main Nickelodeon channel as well.


The purpose of this commercial was to inform viewers that Nickelodeon would be airing a one-hour preview premiere of Phred on Your Head Show on June 6, 1999. This promo includes Phred and Big Voice. It also advertised about how viewers picked Phred to host his own show, and showcased some of the segments included in the show.


Big Voice: On Sunday, June 6th, tune in to Nickelodeon for an exclusive never before seen Noggin special event!

Phred: Please?

Big Voice: Britney Spears, N'SYNC, and Drew Barrymore...

Phred: ...are all really great, but have nothing to do with this exclusive Noggin event. However, I do!

Big Voice: He does, thanks to you! You logged on to and voted for the host you liked best.

Phred: Thanks for choosing moi!

Big Voice: Now, check out the show. Noggin's Phred On Your Head Show! It's filled with stuff from your Noggins.

Phred: By the boo, I'm Phred. That's Phred with a P-H.

Big Voice: Catch the one hour premiere of Noggin's Phred On Your Head Show on Nickelodeon. Sunday, June 6th at 12/11 central.

Phred: And then catch it again here on Noggin, Sunday at 8pm. Please?



Noggin Special Event- Phred on Your Head Premiere on Nick Promo (1999)


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