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Head Buzzers is a series of brief bumpers made for Noggin. Each bumper is a short animated guessing game, showing a literal representation of a word or phrase, like a racer driving a screw (for "screwdriver") and a nose with legs (for "runny nose"). The goal is for the viewer to figure out what it means.

These were shown during commercial breaks and during episodes of Phred on Your Head Show.


The bumpers had an official summary on Noggin's programming site, which was:

"Head Buzzers is a word game that uses pictures to describe phrases. For instance, 'butter fingers' would be illustrated by fingers covered in butter and 'headlight' would be illustrated by a head with a light bulb on top. Kids submit their ideas for Head Buzzers online, and Noggin transforms them into animated puzzles and presents them on Noggin TV." (source)


Each short opens with an animation of a green skeleton whose brain is lighting up with electricity. The animations were based on ideas by real kids, who are credited in the bottom left corner. The ending features the words "Your head buzzer here" and a Noggin logo with a buzzing machine on top of the head.


  • Egghead - A scientist with a fried egg for a head
  • Headlight - A boy playing with a lightbulb on his head
  • Jellyfish - Fish using a jelly jar as a fishbowl
  • Lost Wallet - A talking wallet asking for directions
  • Runny Nose - A nose with legs running through a city
  • Screwdriver - A racer driving a screw like a race car
  • Unicorn - An ear of corn riding a unicycle
  • Rotten Tooth - A pirate tooth making an unseen character walk the plank



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