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Freeform was a series of interstitials that aired on Noggin from June 2001 to early winter 2002. Each bumper usually consisted of a poem or story that was sent in by kids at relating to the current season (i.e. summer, winter, or fall). In summer 2001, Noggin also aired special Freeform bumpers titled Freeform: Just Wondering in conjunction with the regular bumpers.


The interstitials were introduced in June of 2001 as part of Noggin's "lazy summer" campaign, where they aired their shows without any interruption. Most of the bumpers were centered around a kid telling a story, sharing a poem, or just giving their general thoughts related to the current season, accompanied by stock footage and Nogginations. At the end of most bumpers, the announcer would say "To express yourself, go to", alluding to the Freeform page on Starting in the fall, the Just Wondering interstitials were phased out, as the regular bumpers began focusing exclusively on poetry written by visitors. Freeform continued in this simpler format until early winter 2002, when the bumpers were discontinued altogether, most likely because of the approaching April 2002 rebrand.


During Freeform's run, there was a section on dedicated to the series, where kids could submit their own works to be possibly shown on TV and read others'. Not much else is known about the online aspect of the bumpers.